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Amigos de ASPIRA, PTO
One of the key ingredients to our success is establishing a strong parent/teacher organization. The goal of the ASPIRA PTO is to provide a forum for discussion and foster communication between parents, administrators, and educations at LAAA.
We invite all parents and teachers to become members of Amigos de ASPIRA, PTO. You can become a member by completing the membership form and submitting a $5 donation and drop it off at the school. Click below to download the PTO Information Pack with the membership application.
If you have any questions you can call us at (302) 292-1463 ext. 400 or email us at
  • Remember to renew your PTO membership (download form below or here)
  • First PTO meeting: 9.13.17
  • 9/15: Roll into the school year Skating party Free admission for Aspira families (Must pay for any skate rental)
  • 12/2: Disney Pixar's COCO at Westown Theatres Middletown, DE (More details to come)
  • 2/10: Love Your School Fundraiser (new name for the Beef & Beer)
Want us to sponsor an event?
If you have an event/fundraiser you like the PTO to sponsor, download and complete the PTO Event Request form found below.
Volunteer Hours
Each family is required to do at least 5 hours of volunteer hours. This can be completed in any capability (i.e. in school, Book Fair, Clubs mentor, Field trips, Classroom helper). Each person volunteering must complete the VIP program document - available at the school.

PayPal Account 
Click on the PayPal Account link to go to our account to make a donation or purchase for any of our events