Updated 8/19/2020

Hello Families,
Please find links to helpful online resources below. These links have been specifically chosen to support needs. Should you not find a resource to support your student's need(s), please reach out to me via email or the phone number listed below. 

Individualized Education Plan Resources and Links:

*some links may overlap as they can be used for a variety of goals and practice*

 Reading Support (Reading Comprehension Goal)

  • Read each day for a minimum of 30 minutes on EPIC! (English and/or Spanish)
  • Additional Reading Websites and helpful links:
    • Readings for both languages (informational text): News ELA


Writing Support (Written expression Goal):


Math Support (Problem Solving and/or Computation Goal):

  • Students can practice math using the following websites:


Vocabulary (Vocabulary Acquisition Goal):


What It Is: SAT and ACT vocabulary prep through story form. An entire freebies section that includes games, vocabulary-boosting short stories, and more.


Life Skills (Transition Goals):


What It Is: Banzai is a financial education program that helps students learn the value of a dollar. There are real-life scenarios available in three interactive courses (3rd grade- 12th grade). The program includes tests, games, activities, an entire interactive library, embedded calculators, and more.


Additional Online Resources for all Subject Areas and Learning Needs:



What It Is: A free platform where students can discover, create, and remix content to build their own learning journey. The content library contains high-quality digital resources from universities and scientific organizations worldwide … including interactive lab simulations, videos, assessments, and more. 



What It Is: Mangahigh is a popular game-based site for math online learning resources. It covers algebra, geometry, statistics, and more.



What It Is: SAT and ACT vocabulary prep through story form. An entire freebies section that includes games, vocabulary-boosting short stories, and more.


Reading Comprehension:

Actively Learn

What It Is: Actively Learn provides thousands of engaging texts, videos, and simulations across ELA, Social Studies, and the Sciences paired with thoughtful instruction that challenge students and foster deep learning and critical thinking.


What It Is: This site offers literary and non-fiction reading passages for grades 3-12. 


Spanish Language Support :


Listening Comprehension:


What It Is: Listenwise teaches students to be better listeners, using podcasts and comprehension questions and quizzes.




What It Is: NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data.


What It Is: Schools that have already closed for weeks note that students quickly become lonely outside the classroom. PenPal Schools not only lets you engage your own students, but those from around the world, on a wide variety of subjects.


All Subjects (including World Languages):

Education Perfect

What It Is: EP Classroom provides a wide range of customizable online learning experiences. Their site notes that teachers in China and other affected areas have already been using their resources with great success for the last few weeks.


What It Is: Watch a video on a subject, then use the teacher guide for discussion, take a quiz, or use the other online learning resources provided.


What It Is:  Do you Kahoot? Teachers have loved this fun online quiz game platform for years. 

Khan Academy

What It Is: Khan Academy is well-known for providing an incredibly wide range of lessons for students at every level. Chances are you’ll find at least some of what you need for your virtual classroom here.


Printable Online Resources:


Resources for Families


Where to Access

Companies offering free online subscriptions

Companies offering online subscriptions

Coping Skills






Engaging activities to do with kids

Ideas for Quarantine


Coronavirus anxiety

Reading at Home: Strategies for Parents




Read Alouds

youtube playlists


katemessner read wonder

Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures




In addition to the Life Skills information provided above, all students with a transition plan can access links and resources via the Transition Schoology Group @https://app.schoology.com/group/2338921963 

Access Code: 4DPW-F8QR-8QHHB

If you would like more information regarding your student’s IEP goals,  specific areas of need, and/or regarding any of the links above - please do not hesitate to reach out to me via  Email, or phone - number listed below.

Lastly, listed above are online resources. If you would like recommendations for APPS (apple or android) or if you need resources/ideas for practice that are not online, please reach out to me.  I am available weekdays 8am - 4pm to support your student(s) and/or you as necessary.

-Mrs. Whyte

[email protected]