Meet the Teacher

Hello!  My name is Vicki Dixon and I will be your child’s 7th grade science teacher.  I have been teaching for 8 years and have experience with all grades PreK-12  This will be my third year teaching at ASPIRA.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and a Master of Arts degree in middle grades sciences.  I have a passion for teaching and believe in supporting social and emotional development in addition to academics.  My goals for teaching your children go beyond just the science content.  I will teach them to be critical thinkers, to use their creativity, to never give up on their desires, and to develop a passion for learning.  I will also teach them to develop their social and emotional skills so they can be confident, independent thinkers who know how to express themselves.   These skills will help them become productive citizens who can make a positive impact within their communities.

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, 12 year old daughter, 1 dog, and 1 gecko.  I have two older daughters who have graduated from college and a son who is a senior this year at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.  My 12 year old will be in 7th grade this year. I also have a 2 young grandsons (4 and 1), and 3 granddogs.  I served as a troop leader for the Boy Scouts of America for nine years and love to go camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and most anything outside.  I love going to museums and monuments and learning history with my son.   I also love playing soccer and completing jigsaw puzzles with my youngest daughter (look closely and you will see many of these puzzles in our classroom).  I love catching up with my older daughters with a caramel iced coffee at Starbucks or a frozen caramel coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. My favorite thing to do is practice karate with my two younger children.


I am very excited to get the school year started!  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at at [email protected] or (302) 292-1463 ext: 333

How can parents/guardians help their child at home?

Daily Check-ins and communication are key to a successful year! /¡Los registros diarios y la comunicación son la clave para un año exitoso!

Is your student/ Es su estudiante:

Accessing Schoology?

¿Accede a Schoology?

  1. View the Updates on the Home Page./Ver las actualizaciones en la página principal.
  2. Access each of your courses to see what the expectation is for each day./ Acceda a cada uno de sus cursos para ver cuál es la expectativa para cada día.
  3. Use the Schoology Calendar to keep track of assignments. You can put your own notifications/reminders in the calendar./ Utilice el Calendario de Schoology para realizar un seguimiento de las asignaciones. Puede poner sus propias notificaciones / recordatorios en el calendario.
  4. Submit assignments.  They won’t turn themselves in./ Enviar asignaciones.  No se entregarán.

Watching the videos that go along with the science lessons?/ ¿Viendo los videos que van junto con las lecciones de ciencias?

Science cannot be learned by completing assignments on STEMScopes ONLY.  Lessons, demonstrations, and discussions must occur./ La ciencia no se puede aprender completando las tareas en STEMScopes SOLAMENTE.  Deben producirse lecciones, demostraciones y discusiones.

Accessing your web-based science program?/ ¿Acceder a su programa de ciencias basado en la web?

Links are provided in Schoology to access this program./ Se proporcionan enlaces en Schoology para acceder a este programa.

  1. Login/ Sin- first name. Last name/ nombre. Apellido
  2. Password- lunch number/ número de almuerzo

Communicating with the teacher when there are questions?/ ¿Comunicarse con el maestro cuando hay preguntas? 

I am here to help!  I can Zoom with you if you need small group instruction. I will respond using the following methods of communication/ ¡Estoy aquí para ayudar!  Puedo hacer zoom con usted si necesita instrucción en grupo pequeño. Responderé utilizando los siguientes métodos de comunicación:

  1. Schoology email: [email protected] 
  2. Remind - 7th grade:  @8fg2hd
  3. Regular email: [email protected] 

Are you communicating with classmates about the work?/ ¿Te estás comunicando con compañeros de clase sobre el trabajo?  

“Two heads are better than one!”

Collaboration- the action of working with someone to produce or create something

Everyone needs a little support!

"Dos cabezas son mejores que una!" 

Collaboration- la acción de trabajar con alguien para producir o crear algo

Todabres necesita un poco de apoyo!

Are you joining Zoom sessions?/ ¿Te unirás a las sesiones de Zoom?

We may not be able to sit and work in the same room together YET, but we can still work together!/ Puede que no podamos sentarnos y trabajar juntos en la misma habitación, ¡pero aún podemos trabajar juntos!