High School Social Studies Teacher

I was born in Illinois. I have lived in Illinois, Hawaii, Germany, Wyoming, and Colorado before moving here in 2012.

My family consists of my husband, two sons and one grandson who all currently live with me.

Education: I have attended many schools over the years from Illinois to Germany.  I have degrees from Southwestern University of Illinois (Associates of Arts), University of Maryland Parks College (European Division, Bachelors of Arts: Major History, Minors in Political Science and Psychology), University of Wyoming (Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education), University of Grand Canyon (Masters of Arts in Secondary Education-Leadership), University of Delaware (Masters of Economic, Entrepreneurial Education)

During my free time I love anything that allows me to be outdoors such as: kayaking, hiking, and camping.

My favorite part of teaching is to see when a student has experienced times when they have gone above their own expectations of their abilities.  For example, when I have seen a shy student attain the confidence to stand in front of a group and speak about something they are passionate.

I chose to be a teacher because when I was young the people who listened and helped me the most were my teachers.  Beyond my single parent household having other adults mentor me helped me become the person I am today.