Remote Learning | Questions & Answers

A: The first week of school will be spent learning about one another, navigating programs, accessing online platforms, understanding the rules and expectations, practicing new "norms" and participating in traditional back-to-school activities.
A: Approximately 2-3 hours a day/10-15 hours per week should be dedicated online learning. (This does not include time dedicated to related services.)
A: Synchronous learning refers to the time that is spent learning "together" using technology. This is when the teacher will lead instruction. Asynchronous learning is also known as "independent" work, or the time that students spend working on assignments outside of a scheduled class.
A: Remote learning will occur from August 31-September 25. On September 28, hybrid learning will begin. Please refer to the hybrid schedule you were provided that indicated whether your child is a Blue Wolf or a Gold Wolf. (See school website for more information.)
A: Your child's case manager will be in contact with you this week to discuss his/her plan. Additionally, information sessions will be offered. More information about this will be provided via Remind and the school website.
A: Teachers will have designated office hours in which they will offer additional support and answer specific, content-related questions. You are also encouraged to reach out to your child's teacher(s) should you feel that your child requires additional support or help with understanding lessons/expectations.
A: Assignments and due dates will be provided in Schoology.