Committee Members

  • Parent Representative: Min Guan
  • Community Representative: Lucy Li
  • DDOE Representative: Richard Riggs
  • Chief Executive Officer: Margie Lopez Waite
  • Chief Operating Officer: Greg Panchisin
  • LAAA Teacher Representative: Nicole Florian
  • ADCO Board of Directors Representative: Luis Santiago
All vacancies on the Committee shall be filled in conformity with statute and regulations promulgated by the DDOE thereunder. The request for Committee membership shall be posted for at least fifteen (15) working days on the website established by the Committee and at the main entrance of the School. Application for the Committee will be the application form developed and approved by the DDOE. Applicant information required may include, but not be limited to: identification of conflict of interest (disqualifying event), educational background, experience and a statement of interest for participation on the Committee.
Questions about the Las Américas ASPIRA Academy Charter School's reports or any other Financial Oversight Committee matters may be directed to Greg Panchisin ([email protected])