Character Education

Las Américas ASPIRA Academy has CHARACTER


Character education is the teaching of key social values. The character education program at Las Américas ASPIRA Academy will build a foundation for students to be life-long learning, good citizens, have respect for self and others, and an enthusiasm for achieving their highest creative and academic potential.

Character Education

  • Is school-wide.
  • Has an emphasis on connections between home, community, and school.
  • Educates about positive relationships and interactions, as well as how we conduct ourselves, based on ASPIRA’s Character Strengths.
  • Encourages internalization of ASPIRA’s Character Strengths among all staff and students.
  • Teaches how to make principled decisions and choices.
  • Emphasizes the importance of meaningful and appropriate interpersonal relationships promoted throughout the school culture.
  • For more information on Character Education, please visit Character Lab, a non-profit advancing the science and practice of character development so all children can reach their fullest potential:


How is Character Education taught at ASPIRA?

Character Education will be taught through Responsive Classroom procedures such as Morning Meeting and Interactive Modeling in grades K-8th.  We have selected a Character Strength that will be explicitly taught school-wide for a period of 4-6 weeks during these daily routines.

K-8th grade teachers will facilitate discussions of these strengths through Morning Meetings, embedding information and explicitly teaching our Character Strength of the month using the Morning Message as a driver - without losing the academic focus of the Morning Message.


 2020-2021 Calendar


  • August and September:  Growth Mindset 
  • October:   Accountability (Purpose and Self-Control)
  • November: Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • December and January: Positive Mindset (Zest and Optimism)
  • February: Inquiry (Curiosity)
  • March: Resilience (Grit)
  • April: Appreciation (linked to Gratitude)
  • May/June: Revisit all six (6) ASPIRA Character Strengths: Accountability * Social and Emotional Intelligence * Positive Mindset *Inquiry * Resilience * Appreciation


Character Strengths will also be highlighted during Morning Announcements, and/or indirectly through other procedures such as student/staff discussions. Middle School students will have extra support by having Character Education through Advisory in 7th and 8th grade.   Middle School students will also receive grades via their Character Strength Report Cards.