Mrs. Kostoff



My name is Lauren Kostoff. I teach second grade reading, writing and word study! In second grade, we learn a lot about reading strategies, fairy tails, text features and animals! We spend a lot of time in the library and a lot of time READING. On Fridays, certain classes will participate in Farmers Market activities and Flashlight Fridays! 

I graduated from Syracuse University (Go Orange) in 2009 with a degree in Special Education, Elem. Inclusive Education and Spanish Language & Culture. In 2016, I received my Masters Certificate in Autism Studies and Behavioral Studies! 


I LOVE to learn and I LOVE to teach! This is my 4th year at Aspira teaching 2nd grade and I can't wait for another great year. I love spending time with my children and family, love traveling and trying new things! I cannot wait to get to know my students this year :)


PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK REMIND: 2nd grade will be sending daily ideas and activities in reading, writing, and math for you to do at home (spanish & English).

Websites to consider to help your learner: Iready, Zearn,, quizlet, and duolingo. 

I also found information online about additional free sites that I will include in remind messages. 



As always, students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes per night, alternating languages. 


iReady: Students use iReady at school for English reading and Math practice. Usernames: first initial last initial student ID #  Example: dg12345 password: pass005 Students know their ID numbers, they are the same as their lunch numbers. an online resource for 2nd grade English reading comprehension. Can also be printed for working offline.

class code: ssvzna password: aspira123



  •  Quizlet: Flashcards and games. Each student in 2nd grade has a username and password for Quizlet. The app will read the words, in English and in Spanish, then allow the student to test their knowledge with games and a test. Usernames are as follows: first initial last initial student ID number Ex: dg123456. Password: pass005! There are reading and word study flash cards in quizlet in english as well! 
  • Duolingo: This is a free program that teaches students Spanish reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension, so audio must be turned on and it is great to have the microphone enabled so students can speak. Students sign in using Google. Usernames are [email protected] password: student ID number !? Example: [email protected] pw: 123456!? Click on Sign in > Google.



  • Zearn: Follows closely to our own math curriculum. Usernames and passwords are the same as iReady; see instructions above.
  • iReady