My name is Ernie McGrath. I am the Transportation Supervisor for ASPIRA Academy, a husband and father of 2 wonderful children whom I spoil way too much. My wife Lindsay, is a Registered Nurse at Christiana Care and works as a wound specialist. I’m not really sure what she does but she loves to talk about it if you’re curious. My son Lucas, is 9 years old and currently enrolled at ASPIRA in 4th grade and loves his teachers, school and friends. My daughter Sophia, is 6 years old, is currently enrolled at ASPIRA in 1st grade. She loves her friends but she hasn’t yet fell in love with school but she’s getting there. We reside in Newark and I have lived in Delaware my entire life. At the end of 2015 my wife and I had this brilliant idea that I should resign from my job and be a stay at home dad. With the cost of day care for 2 children at that time it sounded like a good idea. Shortly after proceeding with that plan, I rapidly discovered that it was a horrible plan. I did not like staying home at all. I quickly became “stir crazy” and knew that I needed to get back into a career. Since my son was going to start kindergarten that school year, we agreed that I would wait until he started school before I went back to work. During our “school search” we selected ASPIRA as the school for our family. We were lucky enough to be accepted and then began the never-ending paperwork to enroll a student for the first time. While reading thorough the paper work I discovered an advertisement for School Bus drivers. It advertised that if I joined as a driver that I would also be able to work in the school. As a parent about to send his first child off to school for the first time, being in the same building as him really appealed to me. Even though I came from a building trade’s background, I thought it would be different and fun. I applied, was hired and trained to be a bus driver. During this time, I met Greg Panchisin for the first time and thought he seemed like a great person to work for. After working at ASPIRA, I quickly realized what an incredible place this is to work. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is by far the best place I have ever had the privilege to work at or that Greg is the best boss I’ve ever had. Since joining ASPIRA, I have held a few different positions that Greg and Margie have been gracious enough to trust me with. I am now the Transportation Supervisor and I absolutely love it. It’s always different and sometimes challenging which is exactly what I need. I couldn’t be happier being a part of the ASPIRA family. I strive to give 100% every day and I hope to remain here for years to come.