Megan Flachier

Hello, my name is Megan Flachier. This is my fourth year on the ASPIRA team as a visual art teacher. I have a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in ceramics and an MFA in sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art. I recently completed the University of Delaware's ARTC program for my teaching certificate. My involvement in the visual arts has taken place in many different ways. Previously, I held the position of director for various art galleries and non-profit exhibition spaces, I have been a part of several artist groups and communities, I taught children and adults in non-profit art centers and I have pursued my own career as a fine artist and a potter. I have come to teaching later in life but I find it my most gratifying artistic endeavor. I love watching these young artists grow and discover creatively. Outside of ASPIRA, I like to spend time with my husband and 2 sons as well as in my studio. 
The visual arts curriculum is standard based. I approach most lessons introducing an artist or specific artwork and a technique in tandem. Students then have the opportunity to experiment and create ideas of their own. I do not teach guided lessons where all the students make identical projects. I focus on basic concepts at the beginning of the year using the elements of art and progress to more conceptually based work. Students in elementary art are building skills while learning how to use those skills for expression. Students are also learning how to look at and interpret well-known works of art. My classroom is a place where students can be free to get messy, explore and have fun. Please ask your students about the artwork they bring home. I know that they will be able to explain how and why they made choices in their work. 
If you have any specific questions for me please do not hesitate to reach out. [email protected]
A pencil and a piece of paper are a great way for students to explore, imagine and create. Try some of these prompts if your child is stuck. 
  • Draw an animal playing an instrument
  • Draw a pizza with silly toppings
  • Draw your family in funny poses
  • Draw a wonderful dream you have had
  • Draw your favorite memory
  • Draw a fictional animal like a goat-fish
  • Draw a made-up place you would like to visit 
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