Meet the Teacher

Hi! My name is Mrs. Jennifer Griggs. I am the Enrichment teacher for Kindergarten and First Grade. Additionally, during the summer months, I support the Brandywine School District through teaching in their 12-month Entitlement program. Prior to teaching at Aspira Academy, I taught kindergarten in the general education classroom at both Red Clay School District and Christina School District. Most recently, I earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education from Wilmington University.  From 2011-2015, I completed course work culminating with my eligibility for a certification to teach students with Severe Disabilities and Autism. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time at the beach, with my bunnies and dogs, and riding my horses. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] at any time.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Mrs. Jennifer Griggs. Soy la maestra de Enriquecimiento de Kindergarten/First Grade. Además, durante los meses de verano, apoyo al Distrito Escolar de Brandywine a través de la enseñanza en su programa de 12 meses. Antes de enseñar en ASPIRA Academy, enseñé Kindergarten en el aula de educación general tanto en el distrito escolar de Red Clay como en el distrito escolar de Christina. Más recientemente, obtuve mi Maestría en Educación Especial de la Universidad de Wilmington. Desde 2011-2015, completé el trabajo del curso que culminó con mi elegibilidad para una certificación para enseñar a estudiantes con discapacidades graves y autismo. Fuera de la escuela, disfruto pasar tiempo en la playa, con mis conejitos y perros, y montando a caballo. No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo en [email protected] en cualquier momento.

Resources/links for students with IEPs. Please look out from me for areas to work on for your child’s specific goals. You can find many resources on here like worksheets and games


We also have a class site- login with info below Go to Site:

Click – Sign in

Click use access code: ydays6

-Students know what to do from there! – Is a great reading site where they have many leveled books and students can be read to!


Harry Kindergarten Music

- This channel has many songs that we use on a daily basis to learn.

Jack Hartman Kids Music Channel

- We also use this channel to teach many topics to students.


- Website for games, videos, songs and other resources. No sign is needed.

- In Spanish we use this link to watch and practice syllables and how to put words together

- We use this video to practice letter names and sounds.