Resources for Remote Learning

(Updated 3/18/20)
Below are some additional resources that you can complete with your child during remote learning   We have included a variety of things that can be done at home. None of these activities are required, but will allow students to continue practicing math however they prefer.
As always, feel free to reach out to me for any comments, questions, and/or concerns. I am available via email, or students can message me on Schoology.
Sarah Jefferis
Practice for Smarter Balance
  • This mimics the Summative End of Year Assesment.
  • You do not need an account; simply click the "sign in" at the bottom. 
  • Many students have used this in the past.
  • Students can practice 10 problems for free each day.
6th Grade Virtual Lessons
  • Suggestions for practice: Number System Fluency
7th Grade Virtual Lessons
  • Suggestions for practice: Operations with Rational Numbers
8th Grade Virtual Lessons
  • Suggestions for practice: Linear Functions
  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: lunchnumber!?
  • This resource is good for the instructional videos
Printable Math Practice
  • For all grades!
Additional Resources 
  • ASPIRA has compiled a list of links that may be helpful during the school closure. 
Khan Academy's Suggested Schedule
  • Khan Academy has created a "recommended" schedule for all grade levels, and includes links to practice on their website. Good for multiple subjects!
Resources for students who have an IEP:
All students should continue practicing math fact fluency with all four operations. 
If your student has a math computation goal: 
  • IXL:
    • Fact fluency! Choose any computation skill with whole numbers, fractions or decimals
If your student has a math problem solving goal:
  • Practice for Smarter Balance
    • Students do not need to create an account. Simply click "sign in" at the bottom.
    • Many of these problems require problem sovling skills. Talk with your student about their strategy to solve, how they know, or where they are stuck. Ask them what do they already know, or prior knowledge that they will be using to help them solve.
If your student has a reading comprehension goal:
If your student has a written expression goal:
  • Create a fiction story together, a personal narrative, or journal each day about thoughts and feelings. 
  • No Red Ink
    • Provides writing prompts for students to respond to.
If your student has a spelling goal:
  • Spelling Training
    • We have NOT used this website in class before. This website does not require any login information. Please use the drop down box that says “choose a word list,” scroll all the way down and have your child practice spelling blends, long vowel patterns, digraps, and word families. 
If your student has a decoding goal:
  • What is decoding?
  • Word Games  -  Choose from a variety -  I recommend Bad Apples, Rhyme Round Up, Spelling Bees, Alpha-Cat, and Egg Heads.
  • Decoding can also be practiced by re-reading texts/books. 
If your student has a vocabulary acquisition goal:
  • Vocabbett
    • SAT and ACT vocabulary prep through story form. An entire freebies section that includes games, vocabulary-boosting short stories, and more.
If your student has a social skills goal:
If your student has life skills goals (transition):
  • Banzai
    • Banzai is a financial education program that helps students learn the value of a dollar. There are real-life scenarios available in three interactive courses (3rd grade- 12th grade). The program includes tests, games, activities, an entire interactive library, embedded calculators, and more.

If you would like more information regarding your child’s IEP goals, specific areas of need, and/or regarding any of the links above - please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email.


Lastly, what is listed above are all online resources. If you would like recommendations for APPS (apple or android) or if you need resources/ideas for practice that are not online, please reach out to me. Although we are not in school right now, I am readily available during school hours to communicate and help you in any way possible.